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End of the Week: Online Marketing and Inspiring Advice

Online Marketing: TopSpin’s Ian Rogers provides a great guide to marketing your band.  One of the quotes that seems most interesting is “Don’t sell ANYTHING until you have 2,500 fans.”  Getting Practical: A Step-By-Step Guide to Building an Online Marketing Plan That … Continue reading

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Weekly Music Advice Round-Up: Make A Million Dollars on YouTube

Here’s a few articles I spotted this week.  Figured I’d start sharing cool articles I find on a weekly basis.  My big take-away is that YouTube is what every musician should focus on. YouTube is looking better than a label, … Continue reading

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Not every week can be a winner…

  I sucked this week.  I didn’t drive forward.  I did the minimal amount for my band.  I haven’t even started writing the next song. I still haven’t been able to organize the other musicians to rehearse for the recording … Continue reading

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Are Fliers For A Show Even Worth It? Pt. 2

Previously, I had two posts that generated some great comments and insights into fliers for a show.  The first was about flier legibility which then lead to the question if fliers are even worth it. Today, I saw a HypeBot … Continue reading

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10 Things To Do Before Playing The First Show

My search for other musicians is going extremely dreadful.  I’m keeping at it, hitting Craigslist and the weekly magazines daily, but, so far, nothing.  Now, I’m going to shows and talking to EVERYONE if they know a guitarist or drummer. … Continue reading

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How To Run A Band: An introduction

I was in a band for the last 5 years. Overall result? Lot’s of fun, plenty of new friends, but, ultimately, unsuccessful. We recently broke up with no hard feelings towards each other. Now, I have the itch to try … Continue reading

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