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Want To Make $50,000 a Year In Music? Start With One Dollar a Day.

A big part of this blog is to figure out how to actually make money with music.  However, I’ve been talking about giving music away for free, buying fancy tablets, and paying for web hosting.  If you look at my … Continue reading

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5 Steps To Become a Mobile Merch Table

I did it.  I took the plunge.  I bought a tablet.  Not the iPad, though.  I got a Samsung Galaxy Tablet.  I bought it for this post, in fact. Why would I do such a thing?  Well, I’ve been kicking … Continue reading

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How To Create A Band Website With WordPress: Part 3: Themes

After installing WordPress, you need to choose a theme which is the look and layout of the site.  WordPress has many free themes, so it’s a matter of personal taste choosing which theme you want for your site. As far … Continue reading

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Not every week can be a winner…

  I sucked this week.  I didn’t drive forward.  I did the minimal amount for my band.  I haven’t even started writing the next song. I still haven’t been able to organize the other musicians to rehearse for the recording … Continue reading

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Are Fliers For A Show Even Worth It? Pt. 2

Previously, I had two posts that generated some great comments and insights into fliers for a show.  The first was about flier legibility which then lead to the question if fliers are even worth it. Today, I saw a HypeBot … Continue reading

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6 Tips For Touring That No One Ever Tells You

Here’s a few pointers I’ve picked from the few small tours I’ve been on.  These are things that no one tells you, but you end up learning the hard way. Don’t open a tab So you’re at a bar and … Continue reading

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