After reading multiple blogs and books about music marketing and how to get a band famous, I noticed something disturbing: a lack of real world results from those techniques.  Being an independent musician, I’ve decided to take the opportunity to document experiments in getting more fans, getting money, and improving the lifestyle of a musician in a band.  This experiment will document a new band, starting from scratch, from everything on how to get members, how to get gigs, and what the actual financial outcome of these experiments are.

I am Chris “Seth” Jackson, a bass guitarist and composer.  I am an average musician, working a day job as a software engineer, in pursuit of fulfilling my life’s dream of being a self-sufficient musician.  This blog is to share the ups and downs of this adventure and, hopefully, find great techniques that everyone can use to achieve success in the extremely difficult world of music.

E-mail me:  sethalicious _at_ gmail.com

7 Responses to About

  1. PJ says:

    Great blog. Just discovered this. Will be glued.

  2. Right on! Thank you! It’s going to be a long road, so I hope I can keep you entertained.

  3. Hey there Chris (or Seth… whichever you go by)

    I’ve been following your blog for the last week or two and have been absolutely LOVING your content and take on the music biz. I tried to find another way to reach out to you to chat but couldn’t seem to find any links. Are you on twitter or FB? Feel free to reach out to me on Twitter (@miccontrol) or via email jon.ostrow@miccontrol.com

    Maybe there is a way we can work together!

    Look forward to hearing from you

    Jon Ostrow

    • Chris or Seth. Doesn’t matter. I go by “Seth” or “Sethalicious” in my band, so I didn’t want people saying, “Hey! There’s no Chris in that band!”

      Thank you for reading! I haven’t set up my official email yet, but you can reach me at sethalicious _at_ gmail.com. I don’t have an FB or Twitter yet because I’m not sure of the amount of time I can dedicate to those at the moment.

      Look forward to talking to you, Jon! I’ll be checking out your site.

  4. PJ says:

    Be warned: If I ever meet you, there will be serious ribbing about that

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