How To Create A Band Website With WordPress: Part 2: Installing WordPress

My previous post covered setting up a domain, hosting, and e-mail.  In this post, I’ll briefly cover installing WordPress on your website.

First off, WordPress is blogging software. However, it is highly configurable and allows for multiple plugins. Once you have it set up, you won’t need to be an expert at HTML and Javascript to have a working website.

Be warned, there are 2 different WordPresses! is their commercial blog hosting site. is the project for the free software that powers WordPress. The commercial site doesn’t allow plug-ins or your own advertising (like using Goggle’s AdSense). No plugins means it’s much more difficult to customize your own MP3 players, galleries, or upcoming gig calendars. Also, the .com version serves up their own advertising on your blog. You could be a death metal band and get Justin Bieber ads. Nothing you can do about it except pay more money to stop the ads.

Install WordPress

Installing WordPress is extremely easy. Here’s a 5 minute guide if you want to do it manually. Even easier, though, is to let your web host do it for you! GoDaddy has an “install WordPress app” for my site.

Warning! Though the manual install is only 5 minutes, GoDaddy took about 12 hours to install. Why? I have no clue. The few support tidbits I could find was that any app installed through their system can take up to 24 to 48 hours. So if you use the automatic install, be prepared to hit install and go do something else with your time.

Okay, GoDaddy’s interface drives me up the wall. They make it really easy to sign up, but after that, they make it extremely difficult to navigate to what you need. Here’s how to navigate to your hosting options to install WordPress.  Navigating there is harder than actually installing WordPress.

Step 1.  Go to Hosting Management

Hosting -> My Account -> Hosting Management

Godaddy Setup, Step 1

GoDaddy WordPress Install. Step 1

Step 2:  Launch the hosting control center for your site

Step 2

Step 2


Step 3:  Select WordPress under Install Apps

Step 3

Step 3


Step 4:  Install WordPress

Step 4

Step 4


Step 5:  Usernames and Passwords

Now all you need to do is enter in the requested usernames and password.  One set will be fore your main WordPress login.  The second will be for the database that is installed with WordPress.  (You probably won’t be using that one much.)

The other thing is to install WordPress into the root of your site and not to a sub-directory.  If you don’t want WordPress to be your main website, then use a sub-directory instead.

Step 6:  Log In

After the install has completed, log into your WordPress blog by typing in the following after your  website name:

“wp-admin” is how you log into the backend of your WordPress site.

That’s it!

Now take some time to learn about WordPress.  My next post will be about themes, and, possibly, plug-ins.

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2 Responses to How To Create A Band Website With WordPress: Part 2: Installing WordPress

  1. Bridge Hanson says:

    So if installing manually is easy and quicker, why do it automatically if it takes up to 2 days? I know it’s easier, but it’s not like the alternative is hard or anything, right? Just curious 😉

    • Because when I did it, I didn’t know it was going to take up to two days! 🙂 I would have done it manually. However, it actually installed overnight, so it wasn’t so bad. Just unexpected.

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