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End of the Week: Online Marketing and Inspiring Advice

Online Marketing: TopSpin’s Ian Rogers provides a great guide to marketing your band.  One of the quotes that seems most interesting is “Don’t sell ANYTHING until you have 2,500 fans.”  Getting Practical: A Step-By-Step Guide to Building an Online Marketing Plan That … Continue reading

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5 Steps To Become a Mobile Merch Table

I did it.  I took the plunge.  I bought a tablet.  Not the iPad, though.  I got a Samsung Galaxy Tablet.  I bought it for this post, in fact. Why would I do such a thing?  Well, I’ve been kicking … Continue reading

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How To Create A Band Website With WordPress: Part 3: Themes

After installing WordPress, you need to choose a theme which is the look and layout of the site.  WordPress has many free themes, so it’s a matter of personal taste choosing which theme you want for your site. As far … Continue reading

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Weekly Music Advice Round-Up: Make A Million Dollars on YouTube

Here’s a few articles I spotted this week.  Figured I’d start sharing cool articles I find on a weekly basis.  My big take-away is that YouTube is what every musician should focus on. YouTube is looking better than a label, … Continue reading

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How To Recruit Band Members: Get Your Ad Headline Right

(I might put this post under the category of either “obvious” or “doh!”  Either way, I kinda slapped myself in the forehead after realizing what I’ve been doing.) I’ve been trying, rather unsuccessfully to recruit band members.  I just discovered … Continue reading

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What to do with broken equipment? Make art!

  Another Music Experiment: Make broken equipment art.  Then sell it.  Broken strings, cymbals, cables; turn them into something fans would love.  Decorate a CD case with broken strings.  Make an artistic logo and signature on the broken snare head.  … Continue reading

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How To Create A Band Website With WordPress: Part 2: Installing WordPress

My previous post covered setting up a domain, hosting, and e-mail.  In this post, I’ll briefly cover installing WordPress on your website. First off, WordPress is blogging software. However, it is highly configurable and allows for multiple plugins. Once you … Continue reading

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How To Create A Band Website With WordPress: Part 1: Domain, Hosting, and E-Mail

First off, I’m definitely not the first to do a site like this or to do a blog post about it.  Do an internet search, and don’t take my word for gold.  Actually, trying WordPress is a first for me. … Continue reading

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Not every week can be a winner…

  I sucked this week.  I didn’t drive forward.  I did the minimal amount for my band.  I haven’t even started writing the next song. I still haven’t been able to organize the other musicians to rehearse for the recording … Continue reading

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Are Fliers For A Show Even Worth It? Pt. 2

Previously, I had two posts that generated some great comments and insights into fliers for a show.  The first was about flier legibility which then lead to the question if fliers are even worth it. Today, I saw a HypeBot … Continue reading

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