Recruiting Band Members: Lesson relearned

So the results of my awesome Craigslist ad?  Nothing.  Not one reply.

For some reason, I thought I’d get a small wave of responses.  Being the typical musician, I forgot something extremely basic.  Just because you throw it out to the world, doesn’t mean anyone cares.

My mistake is not pursuing this everyday. Not expecting everyone to just flock to me because I think I’m special in some way.  On Craigslist, there are new musicians and bands trying to get members in a flood.  My ad is lost in the mix.  Time for me to change tactics.

1. Be more focused

Instead of trying to get both a guitarist and a drummer, I’m going to narrow it down to just a guitarist at first.  Once I’ve got a guitarist, we can both look for a drummer together.  Because drummers are EXTREMELY difficult to find.  Plus, drummers are special beings that defy human rational.  It’s all the beating on things that causes a feedback loop into their own brains.  They can’t help it.

2. Broaden my search

Instead of just Craigslist, put ads in multiple papers, online resources, and ask whoever the hell will listen if they know someone.

3. Hunt for them; Don’t wait for them to come to me

Just because I put an ad into every piece of online media in the world, doesn’t mean I’ll get crap.  I need to see what other musicians are looking and contact them.

4. Do it EVERY DAY

Be unrelenting.  I’m giving myself a goal of trying to contact at least 5 guitarists a day.  While I’m doing so, I’ll also keep an eye out for drummers.  Also, I’ll follow up with some type of online resource, newspaper, blog, anything to put a call out for a guitarist, daily.  Finally, I’ll always remember to talk about needing a guitarist when I’m out and about with friends.  You never know who somebody might now.

Not a total failure.

I did contact one person on Craigslist, and they sent me a YouTube video of them playing.  Unfortunately, not what I wanted for Shiplosion.  However, I LOVE that he sent me the video!  It saved me time from driving out somewhere just to find out that’s not what I wanted.  I’m a big fan of not wasting my time and gas money.

Also, I was peddling my blog on this forum which got a friend of mine interested in jamming.  I’m giving him a call and doing a jam with him on Sunday.  We’ll see how it goes.

In other news…

I’d like to thank Chris R. from DIY Musician for the article Building A Band From The Ground Up about my blog. DIY Musician is definitely one of the resources I’ll be experimenting with once Shiplosion is up and rockin’.

Also, We All Make Music made a great comment about my blog, as well. I look forward to reading more from them. I was speaking in the comments about reviewing the Seattle Library’s music download system through Freegal, but that’s another story.

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3 Responses to Recruiting Band Members: Lesson relearned

  1. Matt Blick says:

    Just a quick comment – your blog looks great, came over from CD Baby.

    Your site is being flagged by Check point software as being ‘suspicious’ – you might want to look into that as it may lose you readers.And I have no idea how to do that!

    good luck with the muso hunting.

  2. Matt Blick says:

    ps I might be just cos you’re new. Boy that’s harsh check point!

    • Ha! Thanks for the warning. I have no clue why my shit would flag anything, security-wise. I’m not asking for your money or identity. What does Check Point say for porn sites? 🙂 Hell, I’m not even putting any ads up. Um, I guess I’ll, uh, email them…or something. Thanks, Matt!

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