Portishead’s “saying no” tweet is both hilarious and brilliant

This post is obvious link bait.  I saw this on both Hypebot and Digital Music News.  I don’t want to be THAT type of blog; I want it to be focused on real life results.  However, I see all these pundits expound on the gimmicks of bands like Radiohead’s “pay what you want”, without also looking at the reality of the situation.  These bands already have an international, established fan base of hundreds of thousands of paying customers.  Your band, playing to 20 people at a bar, doesn’t.

So, those of you who don’t know, Portishead’s Geoff Barrow posted a some tweets about their upcoming album where they’re saying NO to a lot of typical album promotion tactics.  I’m going to go through each of these NO tweets and tell you why they are HILARIOUS.  Afterwards, I’ll tell you why SHOULDN’T do this for your band.

“There will be NO free downloads.”
… which will drive tons of people to BitTorrent and start sharing these songs and promoting for their world wide tour.

“There will be NO bonus tracks.”
…and this matters, why?  Who cares?

“There will be NO remixes.”
… their songs are already mixes.  But this won’t stop fans from re-mixing for them.

“There will be NO hidden footage.”
… but there will definitely be highly visible footage.

“There will be NO additional content.”
… What does he mean by content?

“There will be NO corporate partners.”
… oh, no!  What will we do?

“There will be NO fashion lines.”
… bwahaha!

“There will be NO tabloid pictures.”
… like he can stop tabloids from taking pictures.  This will drive the papparazzi nuts trying to get pictures of them.  Remember when KISS tried to hide their real identities from the press?  The press went NUTS trying to get photos.

“There will be NO £25 unit cost.”
…this doesn’t tell us much other than it won’t be £25.  It could be £50, for all we know.

“There will be NO street team.”
… This one kills me.  They already have an avid fan base and willing street teamers.  The fans will run with this and advertise for them.  Their street team is already there doing the promo for them.  Just because they won’t engage with them, doesn’t mean it isn’t there.

“There will be NO MySpace.”
… yawn.  It’d be more interesting if he said there’d be no Facebook.  MySpace is dead.

“There will be NO celeb producer.”
… which you’ll have to not have to save money with this marketing scheme.

“There will be NO twitter.”
… This one’s the funniest.  His says there’ll be no twitter….VIA TWITTER!!!

“There will be NO press/blogger gig.”
… as I read this on multiple blogs.

“There will be NO acoustic session.”
…Who cares?  They’re an electronic band.

“There will be NO meet and greet.”
…. Well, how about a meet and a slap in the face?

“There will be NO edited version.”
…. saving money on editing.

“There will be NO iTunes only.”
…. because they’re already on AmazonMP3 and a ton of other music download services.  It’d be more news if they said no to iTunes alltogether.

“There will be NO press launch.”
… This tweet is a friggin’ HUGE press launch!

“There will be NO Asian version.”
…..???  What will Asians do?  Flood the streets in rage!

“There will be NO radio friendly.”
… I highly doubt they’re going to start cussing in every chorus while making each song 20 minutes long.  There will still be songs that will be played on the radio.

Brilliant Marketing.  Don’t do this with your band.

For Portishead, this is an epic marketing strategy.  They are employing the “Do The Opposite”, I mentioned previously, by NOT doing what every other band is doing.  By doing the opposite, they are getting mass press coverage, just like when Radiohead did their “pay what you want” scheme.

If you do this with your band, you will be screwed. Portishead has millions of fans, so they can do this and get away with it.  People will buy in to this marketing gimmick and buy their album.  Hell, I know I will.  But if you don’t do promotion, tweeting, social media, acoustic versions with YOUR band, guess what?  No one will know who you are.

Enjoy these unique promotions.  But when it comes to your band, be critical.

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