How To Run A Band: An introduction

I was in a band for the last 5 years. Overall result? Lot’s of fun, plenty of new friends, but, ultimately, unsuccessful. We recently broke up with no hard feelings towards each other. Now, I have the itch to try again and start a new band.

But, how do I avoid the mistakes I made before? How do I do it right this time? How can I get something going and quit my day job?

Reflecting on the past five years, I remember all these blogs I read about giving things away for free, how to use social networking, how to tailor a website to get the most hits. Tons of articles. I noticed from these articles that they never had any real world consequences. Usually, I see bullet-point lists of things a band should do, but never a follow-up post with the results of a band actually doing them.

Did anyone see success with these strategies? Were they a waste of time? Did some band spend $50 in Google ads with any result?

Part of my failure with my last band was failing to fully follow through with these experiments, as well as, failing to fully document, tweek, and analyze results. I spent countless hours creating web content, signing up for every music website on the internet, and creating fliers and posters for shows. I learned quite a bit, but the end result was lots of money spent and only a marginal increase of fans that would actually buy anything or show up to a show.

This time will be different. Not only will it be different, I will share all the steps and the results with you. Even the embarassing failures. The goal here is to wittle down the most effective techniques that can bring the most success to a band. Also, I want to identify useless techniques that don’t do anything and can be avoided.

I invite you to follow along, criticize, laugh, and help as I form a new band called Shiplosion: a rock ‘n’ roll, metal, punk band. From choosing members, writing the first songs, and getting that first gig; to applying social media, guerilla marketing, and expanding a fan base on an international level; you will receive all the pain, hardship, money lost, and money (hopefully) gained. Whether I succeed or fail, this will definitely be interesting.

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3 Responses to How To Run A Band: An introduction

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  2. GarethB says:

    Be very interesting to see how this progresses. There should be some very useful info for newbies and more established semi-pro bands as it develops. You might have a book on your hands by the time you finish!



  3. Thanks, Gareth! We’ll see on that book. It’ll either be “How To Successfully Run A Band” or “How To Drive A Band Into Poverty And Despair”. Heh-heh!

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