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Writing music…even when you don’t want to

So I’ve been writing about getting band members, using social media, and fliers, but, like most music marketing bloggers, I’ve neglected writing about the most important element:  writing music. Of course, everyone has their own way of writing music.  The … Continue reading

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Weekly Update: Musician hunt and getting things done

I’ve been trying to accomplish 5 things a day.  I thought I would update everyone on the progress.  Actually, I feel I’ve accomplished quite a bit, but also didn’t get 5 things done everyday. Musician Hunt: I’ve gotten responses from … Continue reading

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A Live Show With No Amps?

I just saw a neat video posted by  This band, New Load, uses a laptop and Pro Tools to replace heavy gear, have complete control over their sound, and always have great sounding live recordings.  Check out this video: … Continue reading

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What 5 Things Can I Do For My Band TODAY?

Last post, I laid out 10 things to do before the first show. You know what? It freaking overwhelmed me. I re-read it, and I said, “What have I gotten myself into?” There’s no way I can accomplish all that … Continue reading

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10 Things To Do Before Playing The First Show

My search for other musicians is going extremely dreadful.  I’m keeping at it, hitting Craigslist and the weekly magazines daily, but, so far, nothing.  Now, I’m going to shows and talking to EVERYONE if they know a guitarist or drummer. … Continue reading

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Getting Your Music Into Film: An Interview with Whiskey Tango

Recently, I was an extra for Matthew Lillard’s “Fat Punk” short film shoot.  Whiskey Tango was the band used for the film shoot, so I decided to ask them some questions about the experience.  Sean and Mike were awesome enough … Continue reading

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Are fliers for a show even worth it?

In my last post, I talked about flier and handbill legibility.  In the comments for the post, I got into a discussion with Kai who brought up some good points. Do people actually pay attention to flyers for a bunch … Continue reading

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Fliers and Legibility: If it can’t be read, why would anyone come?

I was being a typical Seattle scenester and grabbing a fancy coffee. While waiting in line, a guy put a small handbill for an upcoming show by the espresso machine. I thought this was awesome. Get a lot of eyeballs … Continue reading

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Do it NOW! A common musician’s mistake.

So my search for band mate’s is going horribly slow.  I just had one jam session with a friend today, but it wasn’t what I wanted for my band.  Other than that, just a couple of contacts online.  Despite searching … Continue reading

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Experiments and Strategies: What I will try with my band

While I’m waiting to get the members of my band, I’m going to outline some strategies and experiments I’ll be trying.  This post will cover “Free  Downloads”, “Pay What You Want”, and “High-End, Limited Edition, and One of a Kind”. … Continue reading

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